D&D Exhaust Review

The Harley Davidson bike is not known for its power. Most people buy the Harley for the style and comfort. Most Harley Davidson drivers ache for extra power as soon as they drive out of the shop. The first thing to consider is to get a new set of exhaust pipes. There is no better sound than a Harley Davidson slowly purring away in the sunset.

A good way to gain more power is to replace your 2-in-2 exhaust system with a D&D Fat Cat 2-into-1 Harley Davidson exhaust. The power gain you get from a 2-into-1 pipe is huge.

Another good part of the D&D pipe is the awesome fit and finish. It’s also very easy to install. This system is quieter than the usual 2-in-2 pipes. The D&D Fat Cat pipe sounds really good. It has a nice deep bass, rumbling like a lion. This must be the best sounding Harley pipes.

The performance is also noticeable better. These exhaust pipes definitely give you more bottom end and mid range power. This is exactly what a 2-into-1 system does. The motorcycle is noticeably more torque and moves away from stop lights much easier. When you roll the throttle the bike will leap forward with no lag at all.

This is one of the best upgrades I have done to my Harley and I’m sure the D&D Fat Cat exhaust system will make you smile. So if you are looking for an upgrade to gain more power for your Harley Davidson, then this is it. I hope you have enjoyed reading this D&D Fat Cat Harley Davidson Exhaust Review.