Rinehart Exhaust

Rinehart Exhaust Systems goes beyond anything made on the market today. Gerald Rinehart quit his job as a welder back in 1990 and today he is the founder and owner of Rinehart Racing. He started out by making collectors for automotive exhausts and after some time he decided to focus on manufacturing motorcycle exhausts full time.

Back in 2002 he went into a partnership with Dennis Manning (BUB Enterprises). They started to produce the famous Rinehart Exhaust Systems. Already a year later in 2003 Rinehart Exhaust Systems was in the top 50 products of the year. After that it really took of for Rinehart Exhausts and they started to grow massively in popularity.

Today the Rinehart Exhausts is being produced to fit many different kinds of motorcycles. The most popular exhaust from Rinehart Racing is the Rinehart True Dual Exhaust. People seem to love the look of dual exhausts on a motorcycle and I have to agree, it looks very cool. Another popular exhaust from Rinehart Racing is Rinehart 2 into 1 exhaust. The best horsepower booster exhaust is the Rinehart Cross Back 2 into 2 Exhaust. It increases the horsepower a fair bit and has grown a lot in popularity lately.

Harley Rinehart Exhaust Chrome Slip On Mufflers Pipes Fxst Fxsti Flstc Flstci

Price: US $330.00

Don Tilley tested one of Rinehart Racing’s exhausts and his motorcycle gained 12 horsepower. After that Tripp Nobles set a new time record on Don Tilley’s racing bike running Rinehart exhaust. This shows what a new exhaust from Rinehart can do for your bike.

Watch and listen to the sound of the Rinehart Exhaust on a Nightster here. I just can’t stop loving that sound.

Make sure to take your time and look for a good deal on the right kind of exhaust for your motorcycle. If you need any more information on any of the Rinehart Exhausts you can email us and we get back to you. Hope you have found our information about Rinehart Exhaust Systems valuable and that you have decided to buy a new Rinehart Exhaust for you bike.