Yoshimura Exhaust

No matter what kind of motorcycle you ride, a Yoshimura Exhaust system can be a one of the best upgrades you can make. The Yoshimura Company has existed since 1954 and they have grown into the world’s largest sport bike exhaust company. This company has been growing slowly every year to become what it is today. The Yoshimura exhaust have gained in reputation for being on most of the fastest motorcycles around, so it’s not a big surprise that many people want one of these.

Yoshimura exhausts have an amazing power and they look just as good. The technology behind these exhaust designs can be found on 8 AMA Superbike Championships. This shows that Yoshimura know what they are doing. We have done our best to provide a good selection of Yoshimura exhaust systems here to the lowest prices on the market.

2005 2006 Honda CBR600RR Yoshimura RS5 Stainless Carbon End Cap Slip on Exhaust
2005 2006 Honda Cbr600rr Yoshimura Rs5 Stainless Carbon End Cap Slip On Exhaust

Price: US $366.95

The Yoshimura exhaust systems are created in stainless steel. Just by looking at it you can see that Yoshimura quality is very good. The installation procedure is very simple with excellent instructions. The sounds level on Yoshimura exhausts is counted as average, but when the bike is idle it is very quiet. At max load the sound level is around 99 dBA.

There are several different Yoshimura Exhausts on the market today. We have the R-55 Titanium Exhausts that are made for all of the new GSX-R600 and YZF-R6. Then we have the R22 Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems. These exhausts are created for the ZX12 and Hayabusa bikes. The RS-3 exhausts are proven by Yoshimura Suzuki Superbike Race Team.

The Yoshimura exhaust system can be found in four different categories. First we have Yoshimura full exhaust system. This system increase torque while giving you maximum gain in end horsepower. Then we have the bolt-on system which is a simple option for added horsepower to your motorcycle. The slip-on will reduce exhaust weight and give your motorcycle the look of a complete system. Last but not least we have the half Yoshimura Exhaust system.